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California Dispensaries who Carry Free the V Seeds


Berkeley Patient Group

Elevations 2477 - Nevada City

SPARC - San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol

Santa Cruz Naturals

Cultivate - Aptos (Santa Cruz)

Solful - Sebastopol, Santa Rosa

365 Recreational - Santa Rosa

Sol de Mendocino - Mendocino

Higher Level - Seaside, Hollister

Big Sur Cannabotanicals - Carmel

Jade Nectar's newly created Cannabis Public Domain Project is giving away our THCV rich cannabis seeds for ‘FREE’ ($0.01) through a number of our favorite California cannabis retail shops. This variety of seeds, affectionately named, "Free the V ", should be available at select locations in early March 2022. We will announce the shops and dates the seeds will be available as we get closer to the release date.

We are hoping to connect more people with THCV while also collectively learning about THCV through public crowdsourcing feedback and the sharing of user experiences.

The cannabis flowers grown from "Free the V" seeds should reach 6%-10% THCV in the harvested and dried cannabis flowers.

Jade Nectar created this unique THCV rich cannabis strain by selectively breeding a number of landrace cannabis varieties that we discovered were already producing some levels of THCV. By selectively cross breeding a few generations of individual plants with the highest levels of THCV, we were able to increase the THCV percentage up to 6%-10% in most plants.

Why are we giving these THCV seeds away for ‘free’ ($0.01)?

Jade Nectar believes that all of the naturally occurring cannabis compounds should be in the public domain in order for all people to have equal access to these unique cannabis phytonutrients. The universe created cannabis and all of its compounds, so no human or corporation should claim ownership or exclusivity.

What if there is someone who could benefit from the medicinal properties of THCV or THCVa, right now?

THCV and its raw acidic state, THCVa, may hold a number of unique medicinal benefits. It seems unethical to deny access to medical patients, researchers, and others who are curious to explore the potential of THCV. Jade Nectar wants to help connect people, especially medical patients, with cannabis in a positive way, right now! For this reason, we are releasing our FREE the V – THCV-rich cannabis seeds to the public for FREE!

We are excited to learn more about the medicinal and recreational potential of this cannabinoid through the public experimentation and feedback!

Cannabinoid Public Domain Project

Cannabis plant varieties from around the world may contain over 80 unique cannabinoids and over 100 terpenes. Jade Nectar has recently created the Cannabinoid Public Domain Project with the intent of collectively learning more about these compounds and their potential uses through a public domain crowdsourcing model.


  • Find rare and unique cannabinoids and terpenes within our seedbank of landrace cannabis varieties that have been sourced from around the world.
  • Selectively breed those plants to increase the potency of each unique cannabinoid or terpene.
  • Release the seeds for free to the public so everyone has equal access to these naturally occurring cannabis plant compounds.
  • Through this crowdsource public domain model, we hope to collectively learn ways these cannabis compounds can used medicinally and recreationally. This knowledge will belong to us all!
  • We will provide online tools to help people share their experiences with these cannabinoids and terpenes. The results of this feedback will also be accessible to all in a public domain collection of results and feedback.

When it comes to cannabis, we feel that crowdsourcing is the most efficient and effective way for the public to collectively explore the many unique cannabis compounds. Jade Nectar is happy to help facilitate and provide public access to these compounds for everyone to explore.

First Step – Finding Unique Cannabinoids and Phytonutrients

Jade Nectar has a passion for landrace cannabis varieties. Landrace cannabis varieties are the unique types of cannabis that have been developed by humans over multiple genrations in specific regions of our planet. Over time, the people of these regions and cultures have bred their own unique cannabis varieties that reflect the qualities, values, and needs of their culture and the environmental variables they inhabit. These cannabis varieties that are unique to a specific region or culture are defined as landrace cannabis varieties.

Examples of Landrace cannabis are:

Ethiopian, Afghan, Pakistani, Iranian, Colombian, Lebanese, Jamaican, etc.

And each of these regions may contain many more cannabis varieties that are unique to a certain village, or even an individual farm. Each of these varieties may have unique appearance, growth patterns, aromas, and effects. Even more fascinating, these unique varieties may contain different cannabinoid levels, terpenes, and other phytonutrients that may not be found in most other cannabis varieties.

In order to explore these hundreds, if not thousands, of landrace varieties, Jade Nectar has developed a landrace cannabis seedbank, and we grow out the seeds from multiple landrace varieties every year at our Cannabis Landrace Botanical Garden located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Once harvested, we lab test the plants with the hope of finding rare cannabinoids and terpene profiles.

Second Step – Selectively Breeding for Unique Compounds

Once a rare or unique cannabis compound is discovered in a landrace cannabis plant, we then start a process of selectively breeding those plants that contain high amounts of that specific compound. A few years ago, we discovered a number of African landrace varieties that contained significant level of THCV. We then pollinated those female plants with the pollen of male plants that also tested high for THCV. After a few generations of selective breeding for THCV, we now have created a variety that is consistently testing between 6% - 10% THCV. We named this strain FREE the V! Theoretically, with further selective breeding, we (or you) will eventually create plants that produce 15% or higher THCV.

Third Step – Release the Seeds to the Public – For FREE!

Now that we have achieved a significant and consistent percentage of THCV in every seed, it is time to release the seeds to the public for free ($0.01)!

We are hoping that medical patients and recreational cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the wellness and mystical effects of THCV. And we would love to hear your feedback! We hope these THCV genetics will become part of a crowdsource model where people will openly share their experiences with THCV.

We hope that other cannabis breeders will continue to breed with these seeds to further increase the THCV potency. We also encourage breeders to explore the infinite possibilities of crossing THCV into other cannabis varieties, both landrace and hybrids. What would happen if THCV were crossed into some of the popular modern hybrids?

NOTE: The current trend in the recreational market of 30% THC couch lock sedative downer weed is getting old for a lot of cannabis consumers. Adding some THCV to the mix could really liven up some of these lethargic coma inducing strains. Introducing THCV into these modern hybrids could create a new category of entourage effects and sensations.

Fourth Step – Public Crowdsource Sharing of Your Discoveries and Feedback

The Jade Nectar and our Cannabinoid Public Domain Project will provide an online platform where the public can share their discoveries and experiences with these cannabis compounds.

Through this public crowdsourced feedback, we may all collectively learn how these cannabis compounds can be of utilized for wellness and recreation.

Apply this Model for All of the Unique Cannabis Compounds we Find!

We plan to apply this same model to other rare cannabinoids and compounds as we discover them. The next cannabinoid that has piqued our interest is CBC and CBCa. In the near future, we hope to provide seeds that are rich in CBC through this same model.

What does THCV do?

Because of the limited access to THCV, there is still a lot of mystery about the effects of THCV. But there are a few effects that most people with access to THCV seem to generally agree on.

Our Experience:

This is based off of a 6% THCV : 10% THC plant that we harvested and dried the flowers.

Smoking: An immediate lifting sensation behind the eyes is felt upon the exhale. Within minutes, colors appear brighter, and there is a sensation of clarity and focus. It feels like an espresso shot of cannabis, but it is not a racy, jittery, or paranoid feeling. The sensation is uplifting, calm, a bit silly, yet one retains the ability to focus and think clearly, while also feeling mildly psychedelic. For many, this would be considered ‘daytime weed’, or function ‘get things done weed’. The effect can feel similar to a microdose of psilocybin. Less Munchies: THCV has been hyped as an appetite suppressant or even a weight loss remedy, but this may be a bit overhyped. Our experience is that you will still enjoy eating if you are hungry, but you do not get the ravenous munchies like so many pure THC strains can induce. Perhaps at higher levels, THCV could suppress appetite more noticeably, but our experience at the 6% THCV : 10% THC ratio of cannabis flower, we did still enjoy eating, but we did not feel the ravenous desire to eat things we would regret in the morning.

In conclusion:

Does THCV result in less munchies?
Yes, less munchies!

Is THCV an appetite suppressant or could it help with weight loss?
Less munchies may result in healthier dietary decisions, but using THCV to treat weight loss seems like an over exaggeration at this time.

Medical Research:

A few researchers have published initial findings that suggest that THCV or raw acidic THCVa could be used for treating: autoimmune disorders, alzheimer’s, inflammation, obesity, and more. This research is rather limited and vague. We hope that crowdsourced feedback on THCV will reveal trends in common experiences, and these patterns could lead to new discoveries for THCV uses.

What does Jade Nectar get out of releasing these THCV seeds for free?

Jade Nectar is fascinated with all of the potential uses and benefits that cannabis and all its unique compounds can provide. Jade Nectar hopes to contribute towards the expanding public knowledge of this amazing plant.

We believe that cannabis is a gift from the universe that is meant to be accessible to all people who are interested in exploring a relationship with cannabis. Just like people deserve access to clean water and fresh air, we believe that access to naturally occurring plant medicines is also a human right for those who wish to learn and experience the potential of these plants and their compounds.

Having these plants and their compounds in the public domain and easily accessible will allow more people to explore these plants and share their experiences. Through this public crowdsourcing of cannabis compound exploration, anyone who wishes to be a part the learning and discovery is able participate, and this will hopefully lead to a broader range of understanding of this plant.... And that makes us happy!

Below are some links to information on how these THCV seeds have been developed:

Links to videos on or Instagram page