This is the most frequent question we hear, and there is not an exact answer. We can give general descriptions of the feedback we hear from customers about our formulas. But the reality is, each person reacts differently to each formula! But there are some generalizations where we can help direct people towards formulas that have a high likelihood of providing the desired results.

If people specifically do not want to experience any psychoactivity, our CBD Drops and our Raw CBDa olive oil infusion tinctures(20CBD:1THC ratio) are a great place to start.

For day use, or if people do not want to feel relaxed or drowsy, our Raw cannabis infused olive oil tinctures tend to be more energizing and uplifting when compared to our 'heated' olive oil infusions. So Raw THCa or CBDa may work great for daytime use, while our CBD (heated) or Golden Ratio (heated) olive oil infusions may be better for night time for relaxation and sleep.

But each person reacts differently, so we really recommend sampling a few of our formulas to see how they work for you. You can become your own 'shaman'! Many of our customers consume a variety of our formulas throughout different periods of the day, or for different activities. We try to provide formulas with the purest expression of the plant used in the formula so you can decide which one works for you.

All of our products contain cannabis, so we are only allowed to sell them through licensed California cannabis dispensaries. Although we used to run a medical cannabis collective for many years, we are no longer allowed to provide products directly to customers or collective members (as of January 1, 2018 - due to the Prop 64 laws going into effect).

Our farm and kitchen is located in Santa Cruz County, so the majority of dispensaries carrying our products are in the Bay Area.

We are currently expanding our distribution and dispensary network, so dispensaries are welcome to contact us to carry our products. We are scaling up quickly for statewide distribution!

If you are a customer who would like your local dispensary to carry our products, please contact us so we can reach out to that dispensary.

Everyone is different, so each person needs to find the amount that works best for them. But in general, everyone should start off slowly with a very low dose of just a drop or two (when consuming our cannabis infused olive oils). Once you get familiar with the effects, you can gradually increase the dosage to find your 'happy place'. A typical dose is usually a full dropper, which is about 10mg of cannabinoids. But some people consume a fraction of that, while others consume a lot more. It's your body, listen to it!

No. Not in California. Not over state lines. Not out of country. Due to California cannabis regulations, you can only purchase our Jade Nectar products through a licensed California dispensary who carries our products. We are not a dispensary.