Jade Nectar Philosophy

We feel the cannabis plant has the potential to be as medically significant as penicillin in the world of health care. If the cannabis plant had just recently been discovered deep in the rain forest, it would be heralded as the new super plant that could be used in therapies to address a vast array of ailments including: epilepsy, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, Lyme disease, arthritis, chronic pain, cancer, and more. Don’t take our word for it, read the US patent that is held by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Decades of misguided propaganda about the evils of cannabis have created a stigma around cannabis that will take many years to unwind. Jade Nectar hopes to be part of the process of reacquainting our culture with all of the beneficial opportunities that cannabis has to offer. ‘Lucifer’s lettuce’ may turn out to be a plant that blesses and benefits many peoples’ lives and well-being.

Cannabis Wellness Formulas do Not Need to Be Psychoactive

Many people don't realize that cannabis can be consumed in ways that avoid causing psychoactive effects. Cannabis only becomes psychoactive when THC is heated. (That is why people smoke cannabis or cook with it. The fire or cooking heat activates the THC into its psychoactive form). But, if the THC in the cannabis material is never heated to the point of ‘activation’, the THC will remain in its raw form, THCa, which is not considered psychoactive. Many scientific studies have concluded that THCa (raw) offers many health benefits while also avoiding the psychoactive effects.

CBD, another compound found in some cannabis plants, remains non-psychoactive whether you heat it or not.

We have created many raw cannabis formulas and CBD rich formulas that can provide wellness benefits while also avoiding the psychoactive effects of heated THC. NOTE: Jade Nectar is not opposed to the psychoactive effects of THC, but many people who need relief from an ailment would prefer to not be 'stoned' 24 hours a day to get that relief. There is an appropriate time for everything :)

Whole Plant Cannabis Formulas - Cannabis is Food!

Jade Nectar started as medical cannabis collective a number of years ago in Santa Cruz, California. We focused primarily on the health benefits of consuming raw cannabis juice. There is no cannabis formula that is more ‘whole plant’ than actually consuming our Jade Nectar unfiltered cannabis juice puree that is made from pureed whole cannabis leaves and flowers! We now hold multiple US patents for our fresh and frozen cannabis puree methods that allow people to conveniently consume whole plant cannabis anytime of year. Our Jade Nectar frozen cannabis puree cubes provide shelf-life and ease-of-use for our customers, so people can simply throw a Jade Nectar frozen cube into their favorite smoothie every day!

Due to the extremely positive feedback and testimonials about our cannabis juice puree, Jade Nectar began to research other methods for preserving the whole plant properties of cannabis, while delivering those benefits in convenient and easy-to-consume formulas. We finally settled on a full line of whole plant olive oil infusions. By whole plant, we mean that we literally add whole cannabis flowers into California olive oil (Our olive oil is sourced from small olive groves in Carmel Valley and Paso Robles, CA). The final result is a full spectrum cannabis olive oil infusion that preserves the cannabinoids, terpenes, and all of the other beneficial cannabis plant compounds - plus the health benefits of quality olive oil. By keeping it simple, we are able to provide formulas that remain true to the original expression of the cannabis plant, and thus highly effective for those who consume them.

NOTE: While we do not want to be negative or critical of others in the cannabis industry, there is a disturbing trend in how cannabis products are being made that resemble the processed food industry. Many cannabis formulas are now being made by adding high concentrate cannabis oils, distillates, and isolates (powderized cannabinoids). While these methods may be less expensive and easier to add to cannabis products, there is also a concern that the more cannabis is processed, the less effective it may be. Example: There is a big difference between drinking a glass of fresh pressed orange juice compared to drinking orange colored water with vitamin C powder and citric acid poured into it.

All of our Jade Nectar formulas are created with the intent of preserving the integrity of the whole plant.

Robin Hood

CBD Plant

Robin Hood is our own Jade Nectar bred high CBD strain. She often provides 20% CBD with less than 0.3% THC, so she technically fits the definition of 'hemp'. Robin Hood is found in our CBD Drops and Raw CBDa olive oil formulas.

Iranian Indica


Iranian Pure Indica landrace variety that delivers a relaxing yet clear and dreamy effect. This is not couch lock Indica. The effect is a clear, dreamy, mystical, and will allow you to drift off to sleep when ready.

Thai Sativa


This landrace Thai variety creates an uplifting and silly effect. Many people report a feeling of being in a cartoon!

Ethiopian THCV


After many generation of selective breeding for THCV, this Ethiopian delivers an electric clear effect that allows one to focus and get things done with a smile!