Raw Cannabis Formulas

Raw Non-Psychoactive Wellness

Our unique whole plant raw THCa and CBDa cannabis formulas provide powerful health benefits without psychoactive effects.

CBD & THC Formulas

Non-Psychoactive & Minimally Psychoactive CBD:THC Ratios

Whole plant CBD & THC formulas that maximize health benefits with
non-psychoactive & minimally psychoactive options.

Heirloom Landrace Strains

Pure Landrace Varieties From Around the World

We grow old pure gentics such as Acapulco Gold, Columbian, Thai, Afghan, Pakistani, and more! We feel these pure landrace gentics offer many unique characteristics that modern hybridized cannabis is lacking. These strains are legendary for a reason!

Jade Nectar and Cannabis Wellness

We are a small family cannabis farm and manufacturing company that is located in one of the most legendary cannabis cultivation areas in the world - the mystical Santa Cruz Mountains in California.

Focus on Non-Psychoactive Wellness Formulas

Jade Nectar has primarily focused on developing cannabis wellness formulas that are non-psychoactive or minimally psychoactive. We work with a lot of people who have various health ailments where cannabis provides tremendous relief for their symptoms, but they do not want to be 'stoned' 24 hours a day to experience that symptom relief. Jade Nectar discovered many years ago that raw cannabinoids (never heated) often provide incredibly effective relief for many ailments without causing any psychoactive effects. So we have developed a full line of Raw Formulas including raw cannabis olive oil infusions and raw frozen cannabis juice puree cubes. We also have developed many high CBD formulas that contain extremely low levels of THC, so these formulas also provide relief without psychoactive effects. Working professionals, parents, or people who do not enjoy psychoactive effects are now able to harness the wellness powers of cannabis while avoiding the psychoactive effects. (But if they desire some 'activated' THC at the appropriate times, we do offer many formulas that contain different levels of psychoactive THC).

Cannabis is a Whole Food

Jade Nectar sees cannabis as a highly nutritious green leafy vegetable that comes with an added bonus of highly effective wellness promoting compounds including multiple cannabinoids and terpenes. Because we see cannabis as a whole food, all of our Jade Nectar formulas are made and processed as food with only food ingredients. Every substance and ingredient in our formula making processes is a food item that could be consumed on its own as food, and all of the equipment and appliances used to make our formulas are standard kitchen appliances and utensils. We do not run a chemistry lab. Our formulas are made in a food kitchen.

Nature created cannabis as a perfect whole food, so we keep our processes simple to allow the true expression of the cannabis plant to shine through in our products. We hope you enjoy our cannabis formulas as much as we do!